Create your own private event using our conversation model

We make it really easy to bring people together for meaningful conversations. 


Inclusivv-Hosted Conversation


Flat fee for up to 50 participants

Choose the topic and the date and time. Additional participants $10 each up to 300.

  • Up to 50 participants
  • Event length of 2 hours
  • Live event on Zoom using up to 6 breakout rooms
  • One 1-hour pre-event planning session
  • Customizable run of show provided
  • 1 main host provided to facilitate the conversation

Leader-Guided Conversation


Flat fee for up to 300 participants

Great for large gatherings. We help prep up to 50 of your internal leaders to guide breakout rooms.

  • Up to 300 participants
  • Event length of 2 hours
  • Option to add a Speaker or Panel to kick off the conversation topic (20 minutes max)
  • One conversation topic and customizable run of show provided
  • One 45 minute pre-event planning session with organizers
  • One 1-hour pre-event host training session for up to 50 leaders / hosts
  • One main host provided to facilitate the conversation
  • One online event producer to manage breakout rooms
  • Ability to add sponsors

Fully Facilitated Conversation


Get in touch for a custom quote

We provide fully trained facilitators in every breakout room for a guaranteed experience.

  • Up to 300 participants
  • Event length of 2 hours
  • Up to 50 trained facilitators
  • Option to have notetaker present
  • Option to add summary report
  • Option to record breakout rooms
  • Option to add Sponsors
  • Option to add observers
  • Option to add Speaker
  • Option to add spoken word artist
Step 1

Choose Your Topic

Select from our library of more than 50 conversation topics. Each topic comes with a summary, introductory question and three big questions that have been heavily researched and proven to create a positive experience for all.

Browse Available Topics

Step 2

Estimate Audience Size

Private conversations can have as few as six guests, and as many as 300. However, any groups larger than 10 will require the use of breakout rooms to ensure a positive experience for all. The minimum pricing is set for groups up to 50 people, and tiered pricing is available for up to 300. It is possible to accommodate more than 300, but it requires a custom quote and programming.

Step 3

Select the Date & Time

If you already have a date and time in mind, great! Maybe you're hosting an important board meeting, or organizing a summit. It's great for us to know if it's a flexible date or absolute so that we can make sure we have a team available to support you. We can prep you for an event within a week if necessary, but ideally have at least 2–3 weeks lead time.

Step 4

Select Host Preferences

If you have more than 10 participants, we recommend utilizing breakout rooms so that everyone has enough time to fully participate. Therefore you have three options:

    The Inclusivv team brings one main host that provides the questions for each round, manages the breakout rooms, and brings everyone back form the breakout rooms to the main room to introduce each round of questions. This means the individual breakout rooms are self-hosted, and everyone is educated on the ground rules at the beginning. 

    The Inclusivv team brings one main host and an online event producer to manage the breakout rooms. You identify up to 50 leaders that you'd like the Inclusivv team to train as hosts to lead a breakout room conversation. We provide a one-hour training and record it for you. Leaders arrive 30 minutes early for a quick refresh and will be provided the questions to guide the hour-long conversation alone, without interruptions. The main host will still provide reminders to stay on track during the conversation. 
    If you would rather have the Inclusivv team bring fully trained facilitators to guide the individual breakout rooms, we can do that for an additional premium fee. This is a great option for those who just want to bring the guests and have us provide the experience.

The hardest part is knowing where to start

We've produced hundreds of high-stakes conversations on difficult topics. Each one is intentional and meaningful. Let us help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to host a conversation?

You are welcome to host Public conversations for free and you can browse all topics available here: These topics are not guaranteed to stay free and available forever, and therefore are subject to change and new topics are frequently added.

And as a host of a public event, you are welcome to invite friends, family or colleagues to attend.

However, if you use this within your workplace, we ask that you talk with sales about our business plans.

How does Inclusivv create a safe space for different perspectives?

Great question. The entire model for Inclusivv was designed to allow people to have meaningful dialogue around complex social issues where there might be some anticipated conflict or opposing viewpoints. That's why we have a very clear format that must be followed and that has been proven to guide people through transformation. We have ground rules that ensure everyone gets equal time to share, with one voice at a time. It's about leaning in with curiosity. We always suggest to revert back to the agreed-upon ground rules if the conversation gets off track. 

Do you offer monthly or quarterly private event plans?

Yes! This is actually one of the most popular choices for annual plans, and the most common option is quarterly. We offer discounts for annual plans if you feel your company would like to host these regularly.

What is the ideal length of time for an event?

It's possible to run a "power lunch" conversation within an hour, but it's tight and it means that the breakout rooms will need to be smaller with just 4–5 perspectives per room to ensure everyone has enough time to share. That's why we really lean on the full 2-hour ideal time for a conversation so that you can have 6–8 voices and everyone feels heard. Of course, in the middle works as well; for events of 1.5 hours, we recommend 6 people per breakout room. 

The number one most frequent comment following an event is "I wish we had more time, it was so transformative and hearing people's stories is so so valuable." 

What payment methods do you accept?

Inclusivv accepts credit card payments online for Professional Membership. For Organization and Enterprise contracts we prefer ACH, check or wire transfer.