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Free public access

Host or attend any public conversation topic with friends, neighbors or family.

  • Public Profile
  • Ability to attend unlimited public events
  • Ability to host public events
  • Business use prohibited



Flat fee per person

Great for leaders, teams who want to join others for community conversations.

  • Professional Profile
  • Monthly invitations to signature events
  • Monthly curated content
  • Ability to host public conversations with your colleagues
  • Ability to host invite-only conversations
  • Access to stories, actions and guest connections
  • Earn badges for attending and hosting conversations



Flat fee for up to 25 seats

Great for organizations committed to creating spaces for meaningful conversation.

  • 25 Professional Memberships
  • Discounted rate for additional seats
  • Priority access to premium content and signature events
  • Access to facilitator training and resources
  • Monthly activity reporting
  • Ability to host public conversations within the workplace
  • Company added to the Inclusivv Company Membership Directory



Flat fee paid annually

Sponsor your own journey of monthly conversations. Select up to 12 topics, 1 per month.

  • Build your own custom journey (select up to 12 existing topics, and assign 1 per month)
  • 1 Inclusivv Hosted monthly event for up to 300 participants
  • Ability to select monthly date and time of conversations for the Inclusivv team to host
  • Option to make your journey of monthly events private or open to the public and promoted in monthly emails
  • Community Conversations landing page with custom branding
  • Ability to add sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to host a conversation?

You are welcome to host Public conversations for free and you can browse all topics available here: These topics are not guaranteed to stay free and available forever, and therefore are subject to change and new topics are frequently added.

And as a host of a public event, you are welcome to invite friends, family or colleagues to attend.

However, if you use this within your workplace, we ask that you talk with sales about our business plans.

How does Inclusivv create a safe space for different perspectives?

Great question. The entire model for Inclusivv was designed to allow people to have meaningful dialogue around complex social issues where there might be some anticipated conflict or opposing viewpoints. That's why we have a very clear format that must be followed and that has been proven to guide people through transformation. We have ground rules that ensure everyone gets equal time to share, with one voice at a time. It's about leaning in with curiosity. We always suggest to revert back to the agreed-upon ground rules if the conversation gets off track. 

Do you offer monthly or quarterly private event plans?

Yes! This is actually one of the most popular choices for annual plans, and the most common option is quarterly. We offer discounts for annual plans if you feel your company would like to host these regularly.

What is the ideal length of time for an event?

It's possible to run a "power lunch" conversation within an hour, but it's tight and it means that the breakout rooms will need to be smaller with just 4–5 perspectives per room to ensure everyone has enough time to share. That's why we really lean on the full 2-hour ideal time for a conversation so that you can have 6–8 voices and everyone feels heard. Of course, in the middle works as well; for events of 1.5 hours, we recommend 6 people per breakout room. 

The number one most frequent comment following an event is "I wish we had more time, it was so transformative and hearing people's stories is so so valuable." 

What payment methods do you accept?

Inclusivv accepts credit card payments online for Professional Membership. For Organization and Enterprise contracts we prefer ACH, check or wire transfer. 

What's the difference between the personal and professional plan?

The Personal plan is for anyone who wants to join a public Inclusivv conversation. This is the default plan for everyone unless you intentionally upgrade to Professional as an individual.

The Professional plan is new and designed specifically for individuals within companies or organizations who want to deepen their understanding of important topics, meet others from across disciplines and industries, learn how to host and gain access to all topics available within the content library. Professional plan subscribers will have a more robust collection of events to choose from, and the opportunity to mingle and meet other professionals from all over the world.