We believe meaningful conversation can spark real and lasting change

Inclusivv is an engagement platform that empowers businesses, communities and individuals to create positive social change through small-group structured conversation.

Our conversation design provides a simple framework for discussion on complex issues, helping communities and teams connect over shared experiences and common goals for a more inclusive world.

A structured format creates a brave space for sharing

Our conversations follow a simple structure, with 6–10 people gathering to discuss a specific topic. The host follows a simple guide with three big questions, allowing everyone equal time to share with one voice at a time. This format is designed to avoid debate or dominant voices, and instead encourages listening and understanding of different perspectives.


Our approach to meaningful engagement


For us at Inclusivv, real engagement is all about relationships. Too often, organizations and institutions jump straight to action, whether that’s asking people for feedback on a plan, asking donors for money or asking citizens to sign a petition or to go vote. This strategy can be shortsighted and feel merely transactional. We understand the value of developing real relationships with core stakeholders, whether they are employees, residents, alumni, donors or volunteers. That's why we use the art of conversation to build stronger relationships, develop deeper understandings of complex issues and inspire collective action.  

Our goal is to make significant issues more personal, relevant and actionable

How Inclusivv can help meet your goals

Beginner's Guide

Start the Conversation

The hardest part is getting started. Download our Beginner’s Guide to Tough Conversations to get on the right track.

Our Secret Sauce

Award-Winning Conversation Design

Leaders want to create the brave space for conversations but often don’t know where to start or what to say. We provide the tools you need to navigate challenging and important topics with confidence, helping you create real connection and understanding.

You’ll receive the questions, prompts and action plans on specific topics so that you know exactly what to say, how to facilitate and how to build community, hope and action.


A Platform Built for Flexibility and Scale

Our platform is what powers our conversations to scale locally, regionally, nationally and even globally. Organize and manage community conversations in person or online, host people from around the world using our available 11 languages, GDPR compliance and built-in video conferencing tool. Follow up with every participant to ensure their voice is heard through our surveys, actions and stories features.

Easy Customization, Support and Reporting

Our step-by-step implementation process helps you build a program that’s customized to your unique goals and audiences. Leverage our built-in automated emails, RSVP tracking and data collection capabilities to make sure every voice is heard. Enjoy our breadth of resources, playbooks and online how-to’s. And know that you, your participants and hosts are supported with expert tech support.


Who We Work With


Socially Conscious Companies

We work with companies who are socially conscious and understand the power of building trust and authentic connection with their employees, customers, stakeholders and local communities. We work with select companies to engage their employees and customers in conversations that matter — from racial equity to climate action and more. 

Colleges and Universities

We work with colleges and universities to engage their students, faculty, alumni and local community around the critical issues of our time. We make sure all voices are included in bringing to life the values and vision of all stakeholders in such a vital learning community. 


Cities, Regions and Communities

We work with cities, regions, nations and even intergovernmental coalitions to launch conversations on a wide range of civic and social issues. From Atlanta to New Zealand, we work with local governments and regional commissions to help build community visions and a stronger overall civic infrastructure. 

Nonprofits and Coalitions

We work with nonprofits, social movements, foundations, leadership networks and coalitions to help raise awareness and galvanize action around significant issues. Our platform makes it easy to launch and manage self-organized conversations as a way to engage volunteers, donors, advocates and civic leaders.


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